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As the owner of Print Pro Business Forms, Ron Zwaagstra has combined a life long love of photography and 30 years of printing experience to bring you this project. 

Nova Scotians are proud of where we live. We are always bursting to share the beauty and stories with our visitors. People can't get over how friendly we are. There are times though when we can't have friends from away over for a visit or get to places ourselves. So just maybe, we might want to share some photos of this place with folks from afar or to have on our own walls or desktops to remind each other just how lucky we are. Our Exploring Nova Scotia wall calendar and photos will do that job nicely for you. They are the perfect gift for your friends and family from away or a special nostalgic keepsake for you to enjoy. As a bonus, some or all profits (depending on the product) will go to worthy causes from products on pages highlighted with the PhonePicsHfx logo.


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